Monday, May 31, 2010

Month five, big guy!

Dear August,

You are now five months old and you barely feel like a baby any more. I realize this is a huge exaggeration, but you are so big and strong... we are not quite sure how much you weigh, but it is enough to send me in search of medical help for a sore shoulder (not to worry, I'm a bit wimpy these days) and you are freakishly close to sitting on your own. Oh, and those eyes, there is something grand going on behind those eyes. I can just see it, mark my words now.

So this was a big month for you... what I have been calling your "month of firsts". It began with your first taste of food - which you didn't much like, but when offered a couple of weeks later you thought you had died and gone to heaven. To date, you've only tried rice cereal, so don't thank me yet, you've still got sweet potatoes, avocado - or better yet - double chocolatey chocolate cake on the horizon. With the addition of eating dinner you've also joined Eden's evening bath and book time rituals. Your first bath in the tub was full of giggles, however, you mostly like to chew on the books (big surprise!). Then you decided to try out sleeping through the night - God bless you. Your first full 10 hours of sleep happened the night before Mother's day and has continued here and there since. Our trip to Kansas City for your Mimi's graduation incorporated your first plane flight, your first haircut (much overdue - thanks Kate!), and your first introduction to many of our family in KC. You continue to be an amazing traveler and were even praised by strangers as we got off both flights.

I also like to think that this month was the first glimpse we have been given into your personality. Every once in awhile, just a little bit of "you" breaks through that baby gaze. You are a cuddler. You love to be held and kissed and rocked and sang to. You have a sense of humor. Well, at least, smiling and laughing come easy to you - and since I think I'm funny, we are a good pair. You are pretty easy going and can handle most nuances that come your way, however, there is a short list of predictable triggers that will set you off. You are a social being. You light up like no other for your sister, and will always tune in to other people nearby.

My sweet little boy, you continue to fill my days with joy. I thought I was lucky when given a second chance with your sister, but I obviously had no idea how good it would get (and how crazy - let's be honest!). In this month of Mother's Day, I thought a little bit more about what you bring to my life and this role that I'm playing called "mother". You and your sister are the first things that enter my mind in the morning and the last as I doze off to sleep. You can surprisingly take every bit of energy and brain power I produce. You stretch the limits of my creativity and resourcefulness. You make menial chores fun (like making beds with giggling kids inside) and other chores just meaningless (like ironing miniature clothing). I recently read a story from another mom blogger and love the way she answered these questions about motherhood:

"What can I expect from becoming a mother? Disappointment. Frustration. Surprise. Joy. Love. Love. Love. Do I have what it takes? Sometimes yes, so much so that you will astound yourself. And sometimes no, this job will ask for more than you can give. What does it cost? All of you. And you will never regret it. " Kristen Franz

Thanks for making me a mother.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I finally did it...

... I confused my two kids
... had a crazy out of body-like experience
... and accidentally gave August, Eden's dose of Neoral (her anti-rejection medicine).

How, you ask??

I have no freakin' idea! It was the single most idiotic thing I have ever done. I could give you all of the excuses I have been telling myself:

a) It was a long weekend of house guests, meal planning, entertaining and much less sleep.

b) My focus is still weighted on August and I am much more used to tending to his needs.

c) Anyone could have done it. They were laying right next to each other on the bed.

I know. I know. Excuses.

Thankfully we have the most calm and reassuring Pediatrician and Transplant Coordinator on the planet. The consensus was that they thought he would be fine with the "double dose" he received, but I should watch him for seizures (Yikes! Seizures?!).

Needless to say, I spent a fair amount of time crying, reliving the moment, apologizing, and analyzing August's every action (which was nothing out of the ordinary). I was so disappointed in myself and embarrassed that I could do something so careless. I am so very sorry. Thank god he is fine.

P.S. You can laugh if you want to... everyone else is, but I still well up with tears at the memory.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vacations and the Real World

Last weekend we all took a 5 day vacation of sorts:

August and I went to KC for my mom's hooding ceremony (yay, Mom!).

Eden got five full days alone with her daddy (and a break from her mother).

Brian took some time off work (he went in late and left early).

I only had one child and tons of family help.

It was glorious!

Now... it is back to reality for the Murphy Family:

Brian is in LA and OK this week.

Eden is missing him terribly.

August has an eye infection and a cold.

And when did I shower last???

But at least I have my little helper back:

(She climbs into his crib when he wakes up crying. She brings pillows, blankets, toys and the pacifier - I think I even see a bib in this picture... I guess you never know what you might need!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Look who's eating now!

This is a week or so old, but I finally feel comfortable announcing August's newest milestone...


And not just food...
these toes are yummy!

(By the way, this was my first clue that it was time to introduce solid food!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giggling bath time

GiGi, this one's for you!

I know how much you (and others too!) love to hear this happy baby.

I hope this makes you smile today...


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleep and Salad

For Mother's Day this year I was given the two best gifts that a 4 month old and a 4 year old could give.

1. August slept through his first full night
on Saturday.

No joke.
The real deal.
10 hours straight.

Mind you, this came without warning. Every night leading up to Saturday night would have lead one to believe he would continue to wake up every 3-4 hours. (And, this was not Benadryl or wine provoked.)

Sunday morning I woke up a bit frantic, wet and engorged, I mean, ECSTATIC!

2. Eden began eating salad.

Again, we were given no hint that she had an interest in salad - well, beyond Ranch dressing, of course. In fact, she used to gag a bit at the sight of it.

I realize that this is not that amazing for most (average) 4 year olds. But coming from Eden... (formally) feeding challenged... (formally) texture repulsed... president of the mac-n-cheese and chicken nugget fan club... vice-president of the "no thank you" bite.... Eden.

Happy Mother's Day to me!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

To cut or not to cut...

... that is the question...


Haven't you heard? Bozo's 'do' is 'in'!

Isn't it so wonderful that this is what I fret about these days!?!

Oh what a luxury this baby has been!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Duo

Eden wanted in on August's four month pictures...
it was sort of a disaster...
and hilarious...

August just really wanted to take a nap and I was pushing it with this photo session. Unfortunately - for him, I still think tears and tantrums are kinda cute - and picture worthy.