Friday, April 30, 2010

Four is more

Dear August,

You are four months old already... FOUR MONTHS!?! They always said that it would go fast. That before I knew it I would be packing your bags for college. But I didn't believe them until now - it just didn't happen that way with your sister. Every week druuuuug on... waiting for the next appointment with a specialist or potential diagnosis... waiting for her to reach the next developmental milestone or gain weight... and the worst, waiting for a heart to save her life. Time couldn't move fast enough when Eden was your age.

So here I am, comparing you two again. Sorry. The funny thing is... there is nothing to compare. You two are soooo different! It's like raising two completely different creatures. And no offense, but Eden's growth and development records are not that hard to beat. You impress me in so many other ways, though.

You are such a lover. And an EATER. It's funny how those two things go hand in hand these days. You still prefer to be held close... and if that includes some nursing time, even better. When we lean in to kiss you, you grab our checks or hair and pull us closer. You are probably just trying to eat us, but we like to think that you want more lovin'.

You smile all the time, laugh here and there, LOVE your feet, and stand on the most solid set of legs (we only need to hold your fingers to keep you upright) ... but what's amazing is your new-found sense of your surroundings. Maybe you can finally see or something, but no longer are you just awake... you're aware... and you're soaking in the world. You've recently decided that you like Brian and Eden as much as me - and when there is someone new around you just stare at them, like you're absorbing every feature and storing it for future recognition. You study other objects too. You'll sometimes pull out your pacifier and give it a good once over. The same goes for new toys and the mirror. I like to imagine you are so smart that you are solving some of the world's biggest problems while focusing on the light fixture or the button on your shirt.

I must admit, the 'three-month old you' was my favorite age yet. On the scale of work vs. fun, you finally tipped to the fun side and I can only see it getting better. Thus far, you have really been my baby. I fed you, I consoled you, I held you close like no one else could. And for the record, I knew you were great then, but the 'three month old you' made me laugh, played with Eden, and even watched a baseball game or two with your dad. You were finally FUN.

(just wish you would have smiled for these pictures!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A prop or a playmate?

What do you get when you add a baby in a doll stroller...

and a video camera?

A great game of imagination... complete with a mother taking her baby on vacation, site seeing, and a trip to the zoo.

Maybe baby brothers aren't so bad after all.

Especially when they cooperate and play 'your way'.

They will even play footsies....

and let you kiss all over them!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sick Day

Eden is home sick today (Thursday).

She finally wore us down.

On Monday, she said she had a tummy ache - I think she was just hungry.

On Tuesday, a (fake) cough had developed - so I made her a deal and picked her up early. We went shoe shopping and out to lunch.

Yesterday, I got a call from her school. She told them she was too sick to stay and they agreed that she didn't seem well.

By this morning, she woke up with a full fledged cold. I am not sure if it was just pure will power or omniscience, but she is definitely shedding some germs that we do not want to spread.

So sleep as much as you can, my sweet baby, because as soon as you wake up you will be smothered by this:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Our Earth cupcakes may have fallen flat - but they were still yummy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zachary 'Daiquiri' and the Ranch

Eden, August and I spent a week at the Ranch for Spring Break and brought Zachary (my nephew) along for smiles and entertainment. He calls himself 'Daiquiri'... and it fits!

This kid knows how to have a good time.

And he shared the love with us all.

He encouraged Eden to run outside...

She convinced him to sit and create...

There was some cuddle time...

Some music making...

And lots and lots of giggles.

Campbell and Whitney even came up for a visit.

Making this crew - Five cousins 5 and under.

Mom says he can come back anytime,

"he's as much fun as a Daiquiri and he cleans!"

Aren't they the cutest little pair?

(Yes, we even got them to sleep together!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skiing with Daddy

Brian should really be writing this blog tonight, but since he's not... I'm going to have a little fun!

Brian is a great dad. You already know this. He loves these two kids of ours... more than Chai Tea Lattes and the New York Times (his 'must have' morning combo), more than KU basketball and the Colorado Rockies (his loyal sports teams), more than Patagonia clothing and his smart phone (ooooh that was a close one!)... but more than skiing? Well, that was a tough call until this weekend - when his two loves collided.

Check out Brian during one of his most proud parent moments:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Morning

Eden's Easter Questions (that we were not prepared for):

"How does the Easter Bunny get in our house?"

"Why are the eggs hidden outside?"

"Where does the Easter Bunny get the eggs?"

"How did the Easter Bunny get here from California?"
(last year we were in San Francisco... and she remembered!)

Annual Kearney Street Easter Egg Hunt

The pictures speak for themselves. :)

Oh, and aren't Eden and Vincent so adorable... well, now they are. In ten or so years, we may have something to worry about!