Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heart Transplant Presentation

I was recently reminded that I have not shared photos of Eden giving her Heart Transplant Presentation, for "News Day" (kinda like "show-and-tell" for us 80's kids) at her preschool. How could I have missed one of my most proud parent moments?

Of course... she was amazing. I can imagine this being the first of many similar type events in her life. I can only hope that she continues to share the story with as much innocence, pride and resolve as she did here.

So this is how it went:

First, you can't give a heart transplant presentation without looking like a doctor. So she wore her trusty scrubs that actually say "Doctor in Training" on the back.

Next, she brought out her build-a-bear, Champ. Most of the kids could relate to putting a heart in their build-a-bears. Champ even has a heart shaped, stitched, "scar". Here she is showing him around the circle...

Then, she passed around a photo of herself in the hospital just after surgery and lifted her shirt to show everyone where her new heart was placed.

And last, it was time for questions. She did great with the easy ones, like, "did it hurt?"... "nope", she said. But when Greta rose her hand with the dreaded question "where did the heart come from?", Eden looked at me like she'd never thought about that, "where did it come from, Mommy?" "It was a gift from a little boy we didn't even know. Isn't that amazing?", I said. "Yep" she answered with a smile.

As you can imagine, we heard all kinds of stories from the kids... when they've been to the hospital and where they have scars, but the best was when I asked if they knew what their hearts sound like. Sure, they said... "lub-dub, lub-dub". "Well, before Eden's transplant", I explained, "her heart sounded like a washing machine - "swish-swash, swish-swash". A split second later, bright-eyed Ryder is raising his hand to say, "my heart sounds like a car wash!"

Oh... to be 3 or 4 again... cute, curious and innocent.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three's a Charm

Dear August,

You turned three months old last week and for the first time we celebrated with cake. Well actually, your great-grandma Grace turned 85 years old on the same day, but she loves you so much that she was willing to share. (Sorry you couldn't have any... I ate your piece too!)

Our spring break trip was your first official vacation. I was a bit apprehensive about how you would do in the new environment, but I must say, you were a stellar traveler - much different than the infant days with your sister when we lugged oxygen and specialized formula wherever we went. It was also great to show you off to our family in western Kansas. Grandma Nene (Jeanne) met you for the first time and was so excited to see you that I thought she might eat you! You
are one delicious little baby, can you blame her?

You have finally hit the rolly-polly phase and it is so lovely. You are not quite one of those Michelin babies you see with three necks and five wrists, but you've distributed the roles in all the right places and have just enough stored for me to feel successful at exclusively breastfeeding. In fact, you've recently decided to boycott bottles completely (something we've got to work on!) and your favorite 'hang out' is up my shirt. That reminds me... could you be any more "boy"? Your burps have always come fairly easily and your ability to pass gas competes with your father and uncles.

You love to smile. Everyday you do it a little bit more and sometimes your smiles are even audible... dare I say - laughs. This is still a rare occurrence, but when it happens it's like a little piece of heaven. Good thing we are home alone most days because I do some pretty crazy things to get 'em out of you. Your dad hasn't heard it yet, but believe me when he does, you'll have him walking on his hands for more.

Your favorite things are... sucking on your hands/fingers, kicking your legs with vigor, and watching everything your sister does. Your newest skills are... standing on our laps, grabbing your toes, and bringing things to your mouth. You hate 'tummy time' and have even gotten mad enough that you prematurely rolled over. August, you are a true joy in most every way, and I hate to even ask for more, but there
is one thing you could work on in the coming weeks... sleeping through the night. Pretty please, just 6 or 7 hours maybe? Oh you don't know smiles until you've seen me with more sleep!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ah, Spring!

Obviously, we've been a little behind here at Eden's Heart... please accept our apologies. We just got back from a 10 day spring break excursion to visit family in Garden City, KS and my parent's ranch. I had high hopes of catching up on lots of things - including blogging - but alas, my 'to do' list was larger than my ambition. Stay posted as we attempt to fill you in on life around here lately.

As we drove into Denver, it felt as though Spring was welcoming us home. Needless to say, we greeted her with open arms! We could not wait to get outside!

Check out August on his virgin stroller ride...

And Eden trying to keep up behind us...

I feel as though I am finally waking up after two long seasons -
incubation followed by hibernation.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thumb suckers

Just as we (try to) start weening Eden from her most favorite comfort... her thumb... (see the band-aid she is sucking!):

Look who is discovering this simple pleasure too...

Is this genetic or what?!

Is there anything I can do to stop it?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Boogie

The weekend after Eden's actual birthday, she had a party at the D Note, a pizza joint/bar that entertains children with "Baby Boogie" on Sunday afternoons. Children's music fills the air, running and dancing is encouraged, and there are plenty of instruments to go around. We topped off the event with some rainbow cupcakes and party hats... but the highlight for Eden was her new found love - the guitar! She picked it up and played like she'd been doing it her entire life. Man, this girl is destined for music and dance.

Birthday Bonanza!

Sorry for the delay... Brian has been traveling A LOT lately, which has left me very little free time for fun stuff like blogging. We have so much to update - like Eden's week long birthday celebration and the ever growing and changing August Redding.

Since Eden's actual birthday fell on a Wednesday, we struggled over the best way to celebrate. Should she go to school and see her friends? Should she stay home and play with August and I? Should we all do something as a family? Well, we did it all!

We sent Eden to school for a half day and then picked her up early... this, of course, made her happy.

Then, we got Daddy and all went out to lunch... and this made him happy.

Then, we went by the bike store to pick out Eden's very first bike...
nice huh?

Just kidding... this is her new bike. The smallest Trek in the world... (which she could care less about, as long as there is a basket and a bell).

And last, she invited Colton and Riley over for dinner and cupcakes. What a treat!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"How Could Anyone"

Every day for the last FOUR years I have sung this song to little Miss Eden Raine. She now has trouble going to sleep without it. It has been sung to her at home and in the hospital - even from Hawaii and New York; in fact, I had to sing it to her from my hospital bed while delivering August. She knows every word... although I've changed her "loving" to her "living" is a miracle.

You may think that's a little over the top, but I don't. After years of health struggles and development setbacks, a short stature and separation issues, I feel compelled to ingrain in her little brain how utterly amazing she really is.

Eden, you are the most beautiful, whole, and miraculous creature I have ever met. From the moment you were born and every day of the last four years, I have celebrated your birth and have been especially grateful for your choice to stay here (twice). You have settled yourself deep into my soul.

With all that I am,
Happy Birthday