Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Being Eden

Eden proudly displaying her Montessori mat and her favorite clothing item... tights with anything.

It is no secret that Eden hasn't had the smoothest adjustment to starting full-time Montessori pre-school. In fact, if you've had any sort of conversation with us in the last month, I'm sure that you've witnessed some tears - from me - as I've spilled my guts about how terrible it is to drop her off in the morning.

They say (her teachers) that she dries up quickly and participates with all of her peers. She comes home with art work, new songs, and plenty of positive stories about her day. She has even become much more independent at home - dressing herself in the morning (in crazy outfit combos) and washing her dishes after dinner.

All good things, right?

Positive signs of a well adjusted child, I know.

But I have to endure the traumatic drop-offs!!

Per a suggestion from Jeanne, I have been doing little "treats" for myself after each terrible morning... like stopping for a coffee (decaf) or picking up a magazine.

But nothing has been such a treat as my conversation with Eden a couple nights ago:

She was in the tub and I was washing her hair...

She says, "Mommy, tomorrow I don't want to wear a pony tail like Brooklyn."

This is odd because she has asked for a pony tail like Brooklyn every morning for three weeks.

So I probe. "Why not, why don't you want to be like Brooklyn?"

Then she looks up at me and says the most profound statement... that doesn't even phase her three year old brain...

She says, "I just want to be like Eden."


Monday, September 28, 2009

The flower girl

Yes. She may have had a black eye.

Yes. She may have used an over-hand throw.

And Yes. She may have been a touch tired from missing naptime.

But she made up for it on the dance floor!

(Partnered with her adorable cousin Ali)

Congratulations Kevin and Kayla!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The great imitator

(photo taken by Eden at 24 weeks gestation)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family Fun Hike

One mile trail = more fun and less hiking


Park Play





I just love these smiles!

Beach bums

Grand Lake has a miniature beach front... the perfect size for 2 to 4 year olds. Well, nothing is big enough for Zach. That wild man would have swam if Aaron would of let him go!

All four cousins. Eden is holding Zach down (and expressing her love for the camera).

Cousin Campbell

Our recent vacation to Shadowcliff could have easily been called, according to Eden, "a vacation with Campbell". They have such a good time together. Can't you just see the love!?

(If you know Eden very well at all, you'd know that this is a very big deal. She could use Campbell's hair for comfort just as she does with mine.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

6 years and no itch

It could so easily go by unnoticed. We're busy. I'm prego. Brian's been traveling. Eden's start to pre-school has been challenging. Six years is no big deal.

Fortunately, we happened to be in Grand Lake staying at Shadowcliff with my family. We couldn't help but reminisce:

...85 of our closest friends and family. The simple accomodations. Just mountains and greenery for decorations. A tiny chapel. The personal sermon. Our Buena Vista Social Club imitation band. And tons of smiles....

We even got away for a quick dinner, some live music, ice cream ---

and a kiss.

Six years may be no big deal, but they've been the most significant of my life.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bye Bye Summer

We are back from our last official vacation of the summer... well, our last 2 vacations. We spent a week in Grand Lake, CO with my family and then a long weekend in Spokane, WA for Brian's brother, Kevin, and Kayla's wedding. It is sad to say goodbye to the summer, but soooo nice to be home for awhile. I have pictures to share from both trips, new 3D images of number 2, and an anniversary shout out... all to come soon... but first I want to say goodbye to the summer of 2009. She was good to us.

Goodbye to the water fountain at the park

Goodbye to patio lounging

Goodbye to running free at the Ranch

Goodbye to wedding crashing

Goodbye to dancing in only undies

Goodbye to summer visits with family

Goodbye to the backyard playset
(in a swimsuit, at least)

Goodbye to the lake

Goodbye to warm evenings (sharing secrets)

This was the first real summer Eden was able to enjoy without illness, lethargy, or being on the transplant list. Although we are no where near the top of this mountain called "Eden's life", we have learned that she is a fantastic climber. We may be saying goodbye to a fun summer, but we are moving ahead with enthusiasm.

Bring it on, autumn.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Family Jewel


Eden made it through her first week of school...
she just has the rest of her life to go!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pre-school Blues

Eden is learning a few hard lessons way too early in life:
1. Monday through Friday isn't near as much fun as the weekend.
2. Early mornings stink (she doesn't take after her mother).
3. School can be hard work and very exhausting.
4. Girls aren't always so nice (a story for another day).

It's only Wednesday... the third day into Eden's official start to Montessori school... and she told me that her "brain hurt"... this made my heart hurt. She cries at drop off (I do too!), she latches onto the teacher most days, and she is physically and mentally exhausted. We even had a mini conference call with the teacher and school director today regarding Eden's poor transition.

I realize that I am grieving here too. I have lost my sidekick, my co-shopper, and my back seat driver. So, maybe I am being overly empathetic... but it is taking everything I have not to just scratch this whole pre-school idea. Is she really going to be a better adjusted, contributing member of society... really? I haven't even pulled out the "heart transplant card"... but I can.

Exhibit A: 5:00pm, Wed. 9-2-09

Exhibit B: "Pink Bo" and "Purple bunny" held tight
(two items she cannot have at school)

P.S. These are just the feelings of one, hormonal member of the Murphy household and do not reflect the opinions of all remaining parental figures.