Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Happy Halloween,

Yee Haw and Moooo!"

From the pink cowgirl and her little cow.

(Kearney Street kiddos: Anna, Nathan, Ben, Eden, August, and Vincent.
Missing: Babies Sofia, Lauren, and Noah)

Eden and Zander (as Woody)

Sienna (the Lady Bug) and August

Off to treat-or-treat!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The looooong week

As I indicated in my previous post, Eden has been sick. Really sick. By Tuesday she'd lost so much fluid that she no longer had the energy to walk or even talk much. I made an appointment to see the cardiologist that afternoon, but when she told me she couldn't wait any longer we packed the car and headed to the ER.

We have many reasons to love The Children's Hospital, but one of their best services is the Child Life Specialist that visits with toys, books, and real medical equipment (Eden's favorite!). Here, Eden is able to practice placing an iv in a bear before she gets one of her own.

Soon after this photo was taken, the nurse walked in and said that it looked like we were having fun. Eden gave her her most enthusiastic "yes", which was really more of a soft grunt and a nod. But I do believe she was enjoying the attention, the toys, the movie selection, and even a few bites of snack. I am sure I saw a smile or two.

The tears came back as soon as her iv was placed and she couldn't manage to gather herself for quite a while. When her friends in Cardiology came by and saw her distress, they asked if she was in pain... if the iv was still stinging... "no and NO" were her answers. Then she mumbled something under her tears that only I could recognize as
"I'm not having fun anymore!".

Thankfully, her heart and kidneys checked out beautifully and the iv fluids perked her up again. By the end of the day we were allowed to go home. Just in time for August to start losing his fluids... if you know what I mean.

This photo was taken the next day... back to the singing and dancing girl we love... clad in all pink (to match her band-aid, of course).

(Luckily she is eating a ton right now and making up for all of the lost calories - she is such a skinny mini!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Contacting Guiness

If there were a contest for the most times a mother had to change her clothes in a day (due to her child's vomit), I think I would win today. Eden caught a nasty bug and spent the weekend on the couch... when she wasn't hunched over the toilet, poor girl. And just as we got her settled in bed tonight, August decided to join in the fun... poor baby.

Before the stomach flu infected our home, we were happily celebrating fall and preparing for Halloween. Here are some of our recent festivities.

(Pumpkin patch fun)

(Halloween books and jammies)

(and cupcakes too!)

(Look who's trying to sneak a bite!)

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I was having some trouble with Blogger accepting my photos. And what's a blog with out a photo? Boring!

Friday, October 15, 2010

89 Years Young

To one of the most caring, giving, involved, independent, active, and progressive (yea, she drives a Prius!) people I know and love... who also, just so happens to be 89.

Happy Birthday, Grandma Ruby (GiGi)!

From August,


and Brian and I.

(four generations)

(I was thinking... you should start practicing your blowing strength for 90 candles next year!)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Tricks


"So BIG!"

"Night - Night"

What did you say? Give Sissy a kiss or pull her hair?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Playing Denist

Second to going to the dentist
(one of Eden's favorite outings)...

is playing dentist at home...

(but dentists don't like to smile for the camera!)

And playing "dentist" is second to playing anything "doctor", of course!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

May The Road Rise To Meet You

We are here:

Eden and August have been left in very capable hands with my parents. I am quite aware of their abilities, they did raise me, however it has been 30 years or so since they had a four-year old (and longer since a baby) so I may have gone a little over the top with preparations... what do you think?

There are labels on the dressers:

Detailed directions for Eden's medicine, dosing, and August's breathing treatments:

Instructions throughout the house for meals, schedules, and electronics:

The baby food has been made:

The breast-milk has been stored:

And if everything goes well... they will eat
(and drink from a bottle), sleep, and be merry.

This is my first overnight trip without August. Man, it's rough!
(Eden broke me in fast by spending her first 33 nights in the hospital.)

Hopefully someone is singing his song to him before bed.

Happy Birthday, Susan/Grammy!