Friday, November 11, 2011


It is no secret that Eden's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. She will tell anyone who asks. In fact, she gets especially perturbed by early Christmas decorating and feels as though there aren't enough Thanksgiving celebrations and decor options. It's pretty funny, and although I laugh about it, I'm internally proud that she chooses gratitude over costumes and presents.

As we were driving home from playgroup one day, she wanted to tell me about her "thankful art", as she called it. I am driving, so she describes the turkey she made and says that she wrote all of the things she is thankful for on each feather. As she reads them to me, she says, "I'm thankful for August (written completely backwards), Mimi, Chaco, Grammy, Pops, the cruise, and most of all, I'm thankful for myself." :)

That's right, Eden Raine, I am most thankful for YOU too!

August was pretty proud of his thankful art too!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Although it seems like forever ago... I think we left off at Halloween!

We started by (temporarily) painting our front door orange, because what's says "Halloween" better than a Jack-o-lantern door?!

Eden decided to be SCARRY this year (then told everyone she was a nice witch). She would have preferred August dress up as her black cat side-kick, but we settled on a pet dragon instead.

Cousin Zach, I mean, Jack Sparrow joined us this year, too. He got the award for "most polite trick-or-treater" (especially for a pirate)!

A dad's job on Halloween is to supervise...
otherwise know as: drink beer and pass out candy.

...and set the table for the return of hungry trick-or-treaters.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Have you been waiting for another post?

(Well, check back often because they'll be coming in fast!)