Sunday, October 30, 2011

Between Snow Storms...

...we take advantage of the park!

August obviously didn't get enough climbing!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life Lately

Eden is still loving school... when she is able to go. She has missed some days due to illness, funerals and weddings, but is quickly learning Spanish and is HAPPY!

August is missing his playmate and cuddle buddy, but also enjoying some one-on-one with mom. He has a ton of energy and is into everything!

Eden's interest in art is growing. Here, she is making her very own wrapping paper (her idea).

And August loves trains... well, anything with wheels. He especially loves playtime outside. The fast-approaching winter is going to be quite the shocker for this little guy!

We are still pulling veggies from the mini-garden. The zucchini went out of control and we have several more pumpkins waiting to be plucked.

In the last few weeks before the cold, Eden has taken to kite flying. She was equally shocked and excited about how easy this activity could be for her.

And we finally fit in a back yard movie (soooo much fun)... which included blankets, pillows, hot chocolate and popcorn... and left us wondering why we didn't do this every weekend while it was still warm!

Sadly, the weather report is calling for snow by Wednesday. BOOOO!