Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in stages

Wow! I've taken quite a break with the blog and have so much to share... too much for one entry, so I'll do it in stages.

Christmas part 1:

Brian, Eden, and I started our holiday celebration with a pre-Christmas trip to Kansas City. We stayed at my dad and Roberta's house which is fittingly named Hearthaven (long before Eden), enjoyed visits by both of my grandparents (who haven't seen Eden since her transplant) and fit two days in with the DeMott family (my mom's side). We packed the week full. Complete with....

a scavenger hunt for presents:

A variety show:

Sub-zero sledding:

and tons of family visits to boot!

Boy do I love these people!
Unfortunately, Eden seemed to be a bit cranky while out of her routine. She slept a little worse than usual and went on a five day food strike (no joking here... the kid would not swallow!) However, I can't complain too much because we managed to keep her healthy. I realize that I may be jinxing myself here... but this was a huge success! Not only for Eden's well being, but mine as well. I definitely needed a confidence booster and knowing that she may actually be able to travel is such a great feeling.

Eden wore her mask on the airplane and when out in public. For the most part she was very cooperative and kept it on. We made a game out of it, one of her favorites - "doctor". I also stuck to a strict hand washing/sanitizing regimen.

Random side note - Why is it that people try to avoid contact with the kid wearing a mask like she has some sort of infectious disease? I wish Eden could wear a sign that says "Stay back because it is YOU I am worried about"!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Movie Stars for a Day

The same day Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel shopped at REI unnoticed - Brian, Eden and I were followed by a camera all morning in Downtown Denver. Now we know exactly what it feels like to be them... and we ate it up!

I have been meaning to get some good pictures taken of our family ever since Eden's transplant. I guess I wanted to mark the event with an 8x10 frame just as you do with the change of season or start of a new school year. So every time I see it I will remember to stop and appreciate the great miracle that has happened to us. Believe it or not, I forget sometimes. (Isn't that great?!) Of course, I am reminded with an alarm that tells me it's time to give Eden her medicine... and with the weekly clinic appointments... and every time I leave the house and say to myself, "keys - check, phone - check, hand sanitizer - check." But somewhere, in between those reminders, I have noticed moments of just having a normal* kid. A wonderful, beautiful, wild, funny kid who cares much more about running silly through the streets of Denver than indulging us in a smile towards a boring camera. (No offense Lori** :).

*I use the term "normal" here more loosely than I typically would feel comfortable, but give me a break, it's late and you know what I mean.
**Lori K was our very generous and patient photographer. She's just getting started, but I think she did a phenomenal job considering her subjects. Check out her blog...

The Parade of Lights

Last weekend we were able to attend one of Denver's popular Christmas celebrations with Brian's sister, Erin, her friend Heather, and the Bogan family (Travis, Stacy, Colton and Riley). We actually enjoyed the company much more than the parade. As you can see from the pictures we didn't have the best view. Eden bounced around on our shoulders, danced and played with Colton, and used lots of her new phrases like... "wow, that's amazing!"

Colton, Travis, Eden, and Brian

Erin and Heather

'Cheers' to a great night!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kids say the darnedest things

"A pink coffee maker, please."

You are looking at that picture with the same question in your eyes as Brian and I had this weekend... while Eden was talking to Santa. We have NO idea where she came up with it.

However, she has definitely jumped onto the Christmas bandwagon this year. She has even (possibly) fallen for the Santa story (although I totally see some question on her face when she looks at him... do you see it?) She carries around the Target toy catalog like it's her personal wish list. There have also been lots of prep conversations about talking to Santa.... in fact, Santa is a regular conversation topic in our household. "What will he be bringing? PRESENTS! Can he come for dinner tonight?" She was very eager to meet this guy that we have talked so much about and we fully intended her to ask for... a slide... a tutu... a movie...

...a pink coffee maker? She was surely testing his capabilities!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving, the finale

I realize that I am drawing out the Thanksgiving blog here and it is time to move on to the next holiday (after all, Eden did meet Santa today), but like my mom said in her Thank You card (Yes, she has already sent us a Thank You card for visiting her at the ranch! She is that good... I am supposed to send her one, right? Well, instead she thanked us for eating all of her food and destroying her house.) And I digress... Anyway, my mom and I agree (Eden too) that we had one pretty fun celebration. Can you blame us? We have A LOT to be thankful for!

Here is how we concluded our weekend of gratitude:

Enjoying a visit with Grandma Jeanne, aka Nene

Loving the outcome of the KU vs. MU football game

Spending every waking moment with the cousins

Kicking off the Christmas season with ginger bread houses

P.S.... just wait until you hear what Eden asked for from Santa today. This kid is a riot!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving, Day 2

The Making of a Snowman

Rule #1:
Bundle up - hats, gloves, coats....

... not pajama pants!

Rule #2:
Gather all the available snow and start rolling
(even if you use it all!)

Rule #3:
Stack them from largest to smallest

Rule #4:
The youngest children stay inside
(even if you are bigger than Eden!)

Rule #5:

Last Rule:
Give him a kiss and hope he makes it a day without melting