Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The big 2!

Dear August,

You are two years old. Two. TWO! Incredible.

Every day leading up to today has honestly been a blessing, a gift. Of course, there were moments, fleeting moments of frustration and grief, but it was probably (honestly) just shock. Shock that your lungs were strong enough to yell so loud. Shock that you had enough strength to hit and kick. Shock that you had the energy to say no. As much as I hate comparing you to your sister, in the days leading up to her second birthday, there was no way she could have ever done half of the things you can. In fact, the day after she turned two we were in the hospital learning that she would need a heart transplant. Needless to say, your second birthday was such a breeze. You are the gift of normal.

You are quite the daredevil, not fearless, but close. You ride this Radio Flyer bumper car through the house so fast that we should call you August Andretti. You can easily jump from our ottoman to the sofa and like to ride the arms of our furniture like a horse. You throw over-handed, kick a ball with ease, and turn any stick into a bat (or sword). You are a wonderful climber and we often find you on top of a structure before we've had a chance to even "spot" you. The down side of this great strength and agility is your new found love of getting out of your crib... unfortunately for us, your maturity level has not yet caught up with your physical abilities. And although I may have to force my allotted quota of hugs and kisses everyday, you are the gift of energy (and testosterone :).

Your favorite things are many... balls, cars, trucks, and trains of course. You love helping me cook (you say, "I cook! I cook!") or pretending in the playroom. You love playing in the car, to a fault! The minute you are unstrapped, you jump out of your car seat and jet away. You have a kicking/screaming fit when we finally pull you out. YOU. LOVE. BABIES. Baby humans, baby animals, baby dolls, even baby sized things - like presents or food bites. You love Super Why, the show on PBS and you think you like to play his game on our phones (but you're just pushing buttons). Speaking of pushing buttons, you love electronics - our computers, phones, you name it (it's all about the buttons, really). You LOVE to be outside. I don't think your body is capable of feeling the temperature if you're outside playing, digging, scooting, etc. You love music, dancing, and especially singing. You wave your hands in the air above your head like a conductor and belt out a melody that only you can understand. You love milk (in a certain sippy cup) "milky" and a pacifier. These are your essential bedtime comforts and I dread the day (SOON!) that we force you to give them up.

Your greatest love, however, is your family. You love us so deeply that you can hardly breathe without one of us by your side! Your case of separation anxiety is even worse than your sister... although, I tend to tell others that you are just "slow to warm up", it sounds better. As a result, I am your constant companion; mostly needed for all things emotional. I kiss the oweys - I hold you when you're sick - I get your needs met. Your dad, of course, is the fun guy and since you don't see him as often, you soak up every second you can with him. You love to work with him in the garage, wrestle in front of the TV, or sit on his lap at the computer. All other times of the day, you are your sister's shadow. She is incredibly patient and usually adores her play time with you. You have found your way into her imaginary world. Lucky you. You are the gift of companionship.

Even though I have regretted your birthday (for your sake) falling so close to Christmas, it is so obvious why you were due on Christmas day and born on the winter solstice. On the darkest day of the year, you brought light and hope into this family and in more ways than one, you were the gift we needed.

Happy Birthday

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Making our list and checking it twice!

Our traditional, day-after-Thanksgiving, ginger bread house

Advent calendar: holiday books for everyday

(Heart) Tree decorated completely around the bottom

Eden's letter to Santa

August's (not so) favorite Christmas tradition

Eden's school holiday program
(BY FAR, my favorite moment of this season)

Christmas cookie tasting, I mean, decorating

Eden at the Colorado Symphany's Christmas Concert

Zoo Lights

Matching Christmas Jammies

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This girl...

...turns seven today!

Lucky for us, she celebrated early with a "cousins" birthday trip to the zoo.

We had the place to ourselves and a personal zoo keeper to show us around.

The main event: Feeding the bears!

What a thrill for these kids (and the big kids too!)

Zach's favorite part was petting the snakes...

... while Eden just basked in the time with her cousins.

Thanks for sharing your day with us, even if it was 3 weeks early.

Happy Birthday, Campbell!
We love you so much!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food friends

Even though August is the kid cook in our family, Eden is definitely interested in making it look pretty. Here are some of her recent creations:

Oliver, the pizza

Mickey Mouse and Peace Pancakes

and Rainbow Bright.

Mom, did you know that we are supposed to eat a rainbow everyday?!

Friday, December 9, 2011


In what seemed like the blink of an eye, we went from this:

To this:

...and my two little snow balls are loving it!

Friday, November 11, 2011


It is no secret that Eden's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. She will tell anyone who asks. In fact, she gets especially perturbed by early Christmas decorating and feels as though there aren't enough Thanksgiving celebrations and decor options. It's pretty funny, and although I laugh about it, I'm internally proud that she chooses gratitude over costumes and presents.

As we were driving home from playgroup one day, she wanted to tell me about her "thankful art", as she called it. I am driving, so she describes the turkey she made and says that she wrote all of the things she is thankful for on each feather. As she reads them to me, she says, "I'm thankful for August (written completely backwards), Mimi, Chaco, Grammy, Pops, the cruise, and most of all, I'm thankful for myself." :)

That's right, Eden Raine, I am most thankful for YOU too!

August was pretty proud of his thankful art too!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Although it seems like forever ago... I think we left off at Halloween!

We started by (temporarily) painting our front door orange, because what's says "Halloween" better than a Jack-o-lantern door?!

Eden decided to be SCARRY this year (then told everyone she was a nice witch). She would have preferred August dress up as her black cat side-kick, but we settled on a pet dragon instead.

Cousin Zach, I mean, Jack Sparrow joined us this year, too. He got the award for "most polite trick-or-treater" (especially for a pirate)!

A dad's job on Halloween is to supervise...
otherwise know as: drink beer and pass out candy.

...and set the table for the return of hungry trick-or-treaters.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Have you been waiting for another post?

(Well, check back often because they'll be coming in fast!)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Between Snow Storms...

...we take advantage of the park!

August obviously didn't get enough climbing!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life Lately

Eden is still loving school... when she is able to go. She has missed some days due to illness, funerals and weddings, but is quickly learning Spanish and is HAPPY!

August is missing his playmate and cuddle buddy, but also enjoying some one-on-one with mom. He has a ton of energy and is into everything!

Eden's interest in art is growing. Here, she is making her very own wrapping paper (her idea).

And August loves trains... well, anything with wheels. He especially loves playtime outside. The fast-approaching winter is going to be quite the shocker for this little guy!

We are still pulling veggies from the mini-garden. The zucchini went out of control and we have several more pumpkins waiting to be plucked.

In the last few weeks before the cold, Eden has taken to kite flying. She was equally shocked and excited about how easy this activity could be for her.

And we finally fit in a back yard movie (soooo much fun)... which included blankets, pillows, hot chocolate and popcorn... and left us wondering why we didn't do this every weekend while it was still warm!

Sadly, the weather report is calling for snow by Wednesday. BOOOO!