Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dancing Queen

We are in Hawaii now, enjoying every second (more details when we return)- but I wanted to leave you with some fun pictures of our little dancer. She had to say goodbye to one of her favorite shows this week, Dancing with the Stars, and while I am lying on the beach these are the images I have chosen to remember of Eden. Hope you love them too!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trip to Washington

Brian and Eden spent 6 days in Seattle and Spokane for Mother's Day weekend. Although I wasn't there, I have heard extensive details on the fun that was had, I've seen the pictures (highlighted below) and mostly I've spent that last week learning (and trying to reverse) all the new phrases Eden learned from her VERY FUNNY aunt Erin and uncle Kevin (above).

Such as:

1) We blow our noses with tissue rather than "boogie hunting" with our fingers.

2) Sign language is great, especially the "I love you" sign, but the "L" shape on her forhead is not so nice.

3) Fingers don't go in your mouth, particularly not to wet one and then put in another's ear.

4) Polite girls say "No Thank You", not "Heck No!"

5) And last, but not least... We call the extra flesh on our back sides our "behind" or "bottom", not "stinker butt".

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer is coming...

(Couldn't get her to keep the undies on!)

Wow! You would think we have been to Hawaii and back with my blogging absence as of late, but we don't leave until Thursday. Nope... we've just been enjoying life around here as it starts to warm up. I do have plenty of pictures to catch you up... Brian and Eden took a special trip to Washington for Mother's Day while I went on my family "girl's" trip. Eden had a blast with Brian's friends and family - and we are hoping it was a nice prep for being away from the both of us for seven days.

I am soooo nervous to leave Eden for a week! This is a girl who hasn't been away from us longer than a day or so since we counted her age in months. I want her to be happy. I want her to be safe. I want her stay healthy. I want her to sleep and eat well. And mostly, I want her forget we even exist (just for a week). I know most parents would want to be missed and therefore feel loved or needed, but truthfully, this vacation is about being needed a little less and allowing for some independence (for both her and I!).

We are leaving Eden here in Denver with her nanny, Nicole. It was a hard decision to make as it seems so obvious we should be leaving her with family. Unfortunately, our reality doesn't include grandparents nearby. And fortunately, Nicole and her family (who are nearby) are wonderful people who love Eden very much. They have known her for two years, seen her through health struggles and a heart transplant, sleep overs and swim dates, birthday parties and lunch dates. They have opened their doors to her many times and now are allowing her to stay for a week. We are grateful to have them.... and yet, still a little nervous to say goodbye. She'll be fine, right? Please say Yes!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jet Set!

photo by: Vincent Khoury Tylor

You may remember from an earlier post (months ago!) that I mentioned Brian and I really need a vacation. I asked for suggestions and though I wasn't so good at replying to you all, I did truly appreciate the help.

After much debate - believe me, this hasn't been easy -

Brian and I are headed to................

drum roll please ..............


Can you believe it?! We are still in shock. I have never really seen myself as a Hawaii vacationer, kinda like I've never seen myself going on a cruise. As you know, Brian and I met in Bolivia, we speak Spanish, and we enjoy the Hispanic culture. We tend to be drawn towards service rather than relaxation. Vacation most usually requires a backpack not a fancy roller bag. And a rental car? Well that is just unheard of! I guess there isn't a large bus crammed with natives that we can catch to and from Hana?

Nonetheless, we are thrilled... more than thrilled! This will be a new kind of adventure and it won't take much to convince me to lay on the beach and enjoy a hotel with hot showers and hospitality.

Now I've just gotta figure out a way to keep Brian's computer at home...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lo Hisimos!

We Did It!

I successfully defended my thesis last Thursday! Yeah! After five years - 2 yrs of course work, 2 years repaso ('break' in Spanish), and 1 year of thesis writing- I finally finished my master's of science in Public Health. I can not take all of the credit, however, as I was definitely not alone. Many family members, friends, classmates, and former teachers were by my side the entire way. After presenting my paper and sweating bullets through the questions, I stepped out of the room for my committee to decide my fate. To my surprise, Brian was outside waiting (even though he was specifically asked not to come) and I was SO happy to see him. I fell into his arms and would have cried if I didn't have to go back into the room again. Instead... Dora came to mind. If you have watched Dora the Explorer as much as I have lately, you will understand how I could parallel her adventures with my last 5 years. Here's my own version of her celebratory song...

We Did It! We Did It! We Did It! Hooray!
We made it through the classes even after Eden's birth...
We did it, we did it, we did it, hooray!
We found some data and wrote until her transplant....
We did it, we did, it, we did it, hooray!
We started again and defended in the end...
We did it, we did it, we did it...